The Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster is divided into five pathways. Pathways are grouped by common knowledge and skills required of occupations in these career fields. Each pathway provides instruction as a basis for success in an array of careers and educational pursuits.

What Is the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster?

This diverse Career Cluster prepares learners for careers in the planning,implementation, production, management, processing, and/or marketing of agricultural commodities and services, including food, fiber, wood products, natural resources, horticulture, and other plant and animal products. It also includes related professional, technical and educational services.

Employment Outlook

Employment opportunities will continue to increase for those who provide and market an expanding array of food, forest, and veterinary medical consumer products to a growing world population. Continued globalization of the food, agricultural and natural resources system will increase opportunities for graduates who understand the socio-economic factors that define international markets. Graduates who know how to satisfy the diverse consumer needs and preferences in different cultures, and who have the language skills to communicate effectively, will have the best opportunities to be employed by the growing number of multi-national businesses.

The Five Pathways

  • Horticulture
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Systems Management
  • Plant and Animal Systems
  • Agricultural Mechanics and Technology
  • Bio-Systems Engineering Technology