Floriculture CDE

Date: March 16, 2019

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Location: Spartanburg Community College


Further Information/Resources:              

  • Contest Details - including links to past CDE  tests.
  • Floriculture CDE Guidelines
  • Written Test
  • Plant ID Test
  • Potting Plant Cutting
  • Identifying Plant Disorders
  • Problem-Solving Event

Questions for the Exams for Floriculture CDE can be found in the following sections of CAERT:
Floriculture:   FLO:C, FLO:D, FLO:E; FLO:F; FLO:G

Please contact Jason Bagwell for contest specifics or visit the CDE webpage

Event Registration

For more information contact Jason Gore, jdgore@clemson.edu

2018 Results:

1) Indian Land
2) ATEC-Kershaw
3) Conway

1) Keon Singletary - Conway
2) Jake Faulkner - Indian Land
3) Anna Freeman - ATEC-Kershaw