Parliamentary Procedure

Date: June 13, 2019

Time: Registration 8:30 a.m.

Location: Clemson University -

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TEST:  The 25 test questions for the test will be taken from the odd-numbered questions in "Dunbar's Manual of Parliamentary Procedure Test Questions."

PRESENTATION MAIN MOTION:  The main motion will be taken from the odd-numbered main motions in the manual, "Parliamentary Procedure Judging Guide.". If you do not want to purchase the Judging Guide, contact Shane Dunbar and ask for the "FFA CDE Main Motions."  He indicated that they will be e-mailed at no cost to you.

ORAL QUESTIONS:  The oral questions related to the assigned motions will be taken from the odd-numbered oral questions in the manual, "Parliamentary Procedure Oral Questions."

For information regarding the above references:
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Toll-free phone: 1 800-863-2256 (ask for Shane Dunbar)
E-mail: Shane Dunbar

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