Prepared Public Speaking

Region 1         Date: March 7, 2023      Time: 4:30 pm   Location: Belton Honea Path
Region 2         Date: March 9, 2023      Time: 4:30 pm   Location: Institute of Innovation (Cherokee County)
Region 3         Date: March 14, 2023     Time: 4:30 pm   Location: Latta
Region 4         Date: March 16, 2023     Time: 4:30 pm   Location: Pelion

Manuscripts for Regional Prepared Public Speaking must be submitted one week prior to the event date.

STATE Date: June 7, 2023              Time: 9:00 am  Location: State Convention - Greenville, SC

Further Information/ Resources:

Below are a number of web sites you may want to check out as you begin to select and research your topic.

Event Registration

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