SC FFA State Convention



Chapters staying on campus (Dorms)

  • Housing Roster for chapters staying on campus. (excel) If you are staying in Campus housing, you are required to have a 1:10 ratio of adults to students based on gender, i.e. 10 male students and 5 female students = 1 adult male + 1 adult female. A female chaperone must accompany female students and a male chaperone must accompany male students. No unchaperoned students will be allowed into the housing area..
  • Student Forms Package (one per student) (PDF) Release of Liability Form and SC FFA Comprehensive Parental Permission forms are turned in at registration check-in.
  • Adult Release of Liability form (DOC) — One per Adult (18 and over) that will be turned in at check in.

Chapters NOT staying on Campus. (Commuting, Hotels, etc)