Initial Certification Requirements

Complete the SC Certified Landscape Professional Initial Certification Program:

  • Complete all modules, activities, and quizzes.
  • Pass the final exam with 80% or better.

Upon successful completion, graduates will receive a polo shirt with SCCLP logo, a certificate of completion, and a SCCLP logo vehicle magnet.


Initial Course Outline


WEEK:                                                                       MODULE:                                                    

Week 1                                                                      Introduction

Week 1                                                                      Soils and Plant Biology

Week 2                                                                      Tree Identification

Week 3                                                                      Introduction to Tree Care

Week 4                                                                      Turf Management

Week 5                                                                      Shrubs, Perennials, and Annuals

Week 6                                                                      Spreader / Sprayer Calibration

Week 7                                                                      Successfully Managing Water in the Landscape

Week 8                                                                      Low Impact Development

Week 9                                                                      Integrated Pest Management

Week 10                                                                   FINAL EXAM