Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) Course for IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP)

The Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) is designed for non-credentialed tax preparers (preparers that are not CPAs, EAs, CFPs, and Attorneys) that want to obtain the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) – Record of Completion.  This program provides non-credentialed preparers IRS limited representation rights for their clients. The AFTR course consists of six continuing education (CE) credit hours regardless of the delivery method (online, in-person, self-study). The related knowledge-based comprehension test will take a maximum of three continuous hours and it is administered by the Continuing Education (CE) Provider. The AFTR course which leads to the AFSP certification requires that the entire six credit hour AFTR course be taken together with the test in order to earn IRS Record of Completion.

There are several IRS Continuing Education (CE) providers that offer the AFTR Course for the AFSP. These CE providers are listed at One of such CE providers is Fast Forward Academy. For this year (2017 filing tax season) Fast Forward Academy offers the IRS approved six credit hour AFTR course at a cost of $59.  This cost covers the educational materials for the three hours of continuing education instruction plus the cost of taking the required three credit hour comprehension exam. Fast Forward also provides optional on-line study materials at an additional cost of $60 for individuals wanting additional exam preparation material.

Overview of the AFTR Course offered by Fast Forward Academy:

IRS Approved: The Fast Forward course is registered with the IRS under the FFA provider number UBWMF.

Online Course: The course is a Web-based course.  For those purchasing the additional self-study materials you can start and resume your exam preparation at any time using an Internet connection at work, home, or on a mobile device.

PDFs for Free: You will always have access to the course content and PDFs can be downloaded to print or load on to an e-reader device or referenced at a later point.

Exam Attempts: A participant may attempt an identical test two times, as long as no feedback is provided between attempts. If the participant is unsuccessful on both attempts, they may try again but only with a test that is substantially different from the prior exam.

Immediate Certificates: After passing the exam, you can access and print your FFA completion certificate for your personal records.  You can also access your stored on-line certificate at a later date.

IRS Hours Reporting: Fast Forward will report your earned credit hours to the IRS on your behalf and provide you with an email confirmation that the IRS was notified you completed the AFSP.

Other AFTR Course Providers:

Other IRS approved internet and non-internet CE providers also provide the AFTR course.  Interested individuals may wish to explore these alternative course providers if interested in the web link mentioned above.

For more information, please refer to:


The Clemson University Income Tax School neither endorses nor supports any of the approved vendors or CPE courses listed on the aforementioned link.  The Clemson University Income Tax School provides this list of approved vendors and CPE courses as a resource for our registrants. The Clemson University Income Tax School is in no way affiliated with any of the companies listed on the aforementioned link.