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SC Ethics Course for CPAs

On Friday, July 1, 2022, the South Carolina Board of Accountancy informed us via email (Alert: Ethics CPE requirement for 2022 calendar year) that "At its June meeting, the SC Board of Accountancy voted to no longer require the SC-specific ethics course". Therefore, the Clemson Tax School will no longer offer a SC-specific Ethics Course for CPAs in the state of South Carolina.

CPAs are still required to take two credit hours per calendar year of Ethics. We offer IRS-approved two credit hours of Federal Ethics in our Income Tax Course during November and December. We offer a total of six online and in-person events. 

The communication from the SC Board of Accountancy is below for your reference:

The SC Board of Accountancy would like to inform licensees of new Ethics CPE requirements, resulting from passage of S.812/Act 174, a law that made comprehensive changes to the Accountancy practice act.

Licensees must now obtain at least two hours of CPE in ethics each calendar year, as part of the 40 hours of CPE that licensees are required to complete annually. S. C. Code Section 40-2-250(C)(6) provides:

“An annual ethics requirement must be met and included in the documented hours of continuing professional education. No less than two hours of the annual forty hours of continuing professional education must relate to ethics.”

At its June meeting, the SC Board of Accountancy voted to no longer require the SC-specific ethics course, so licensees can now meet the annual ethics requirement by choosing any behavioral ethics or regulatory ethics course that satisfies the requirements of Regulation 1-08. Licensees can access the Accountancy regulations (PDF).

To view the full legislative update on the Board website, visit:

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Clemson Tax School | Sandhill REC, 900 Clemson Road, Columbia, SC 29229