York County 4-H Teen Council

What is York County 4-H Teen Council?stepfuture

Teen Council is the county 4-H leadership organization for teen 4-H club members. Its purpose is to help teen 4-H’ers develop leadership skills, while helping to build a strong, county 4-H program that benefits all members and volunteers. Teen Council members meet monthly to plan and implement 4-H educational programs, as well as community service and social activities.

Proposed Schedule:

September - New Year Kickoff

October - National 4-H Week / National 4-H Science Day

November - Program & Planning - Awards Night

December - Program & Planning

January - Community Service Project

February - Program & Planning

March - Program & Planning

April - Community Service Project - National Volunteer Week

May - Program & Planning

June - Program & Planning

July - No Meeting

August - No Meeting

September - Elections & Plan Program Topics for Next Year


Any York County 4-H club member, grades 7-12, is eligible to join 4-H Teen Council. New members can join at any time during the year, but are encouraged to join in September, when the new 4-H year begins.


Meetings will be potentially held monthly on the 1st Monday evenings of each month, at the York County 4-H Office. Meeting weeks are adjusted for holidays/other conflicts.


Youth desiring to serve as an officer on the 4-H Teen Council will go through an interview process this year.

Officer Duties:

President - The President shall preside at all meetings of the 4-H Teen Council and shall perform other duties that pertain to this office.   The president will serve as the chairperson for the Leadership Committee. A vacancy in the office of president shall be filled by the vice president for the remainder of the unexpired term. In order to be eligible for this position, the 4-H'er must be a senior.

Vice-President – The vice-president will preside when the president is absent, or when requested to do so by the president. The vice-president will assist the president in other duties as needed or assigned. The vice president will serve as the chairperson of the Community Service Committee.

Secretary/Treasurer – The Secretary will record the minutes and attendance at each Teen Council Meeting.  The minutes will be read at each meeting.  The secretary will assist the president in other duties as needed or assigned.   The treasurer will be responsible for keeping track of revenue brought in and expenses of the council.

Reporter – The Reporter will submit information, articles, and photos of Teen Council activities to the 4-H office on a regular basis, so that they can be included in the newsletter and website, create press releases, coordinate news coverage, and assist in efforts to promote 4-H Teen Council and York County 4-H activities. The reporter will serve as the chairperson for the Hospitality Committee.

Public Relations Coordinator – The Public Relations Coordinator will manage the social media accounts of the York County Program.  They will also take lead on the promotion of county wide events lead by the council.

Regional Representatives – The representatives will serve a liaisons between their club members, leaders, and fellow 4-Hers and the council.  4-Hers will also be selected from each of the following regions: Rock Hill, York, Clover/Lake Wylie, Hickory Grove/ Sharon, Fort Mill/Tega Cay.