York County Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Ben Boyles Senior Agribusiness Extension Agent BOYLES2@clemson.edu 803-981-3021
George Dickert District Extension Director gdicker@clemson.edu 864-365-0642
Jeff Fellers Area Forestry & Wildlife Agent fellers@clemson.edu 864-424-8273
Charly Greenthaler Water Resources Agent charlym@clemson.edu 803-520-1679
Lauren Hood York County 4-H Youth Development Agent eburdin@clemson.edu 803-639-9102
Chris LeMaster Livestock and Forages Agent clemast@clemson.edu 864-489-3141
Harriet Palecek Administrative Assistant hpalece@clemson.edu 803-639-9100
Andy Rollins County Extension Agent prollin@clemson.edu 864-596-2993
Paul Thompson County Extension Agent - Horticulture pthmpsn@clemson.edu 803-639-9101

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