Clemson Experimental Forest Contributions


The Clemson Experimental Forest (CEF) provides a unique laboratory for natural resource management education, research and demonstration. The CEF is a working forest that helps support the needs of a state that is nearly 70 percent forested. Forestry is the number one manufacturing industry in South Carolina in terms of jobs and payroll and provides a total economic impact of approximately $17 billion to the economy of the state. The quality of life and economic prosperity are linked to the forests of South Carolina.

The CEF must generate all the funding for its staff, management and operations. The CEF Trail System provides a facility that is open to public recreational use in a manner that gives the opportunity to study, develop, and teach recreational trail design, construction and maintenance processes. None of this trail system is managed for public recreational use in the sense that federal, state or municipal forests and parks are managed as recreational facilities. Your contribution supports this work and our ability to keep the trails open to the public.

You may make a donation to the CEF or to the equestrian trails initiative at the link below. Equestrian trail riders may wish to help fund work that will directly apply to the maintenance and enhancement of equestrian trails, specifically in the Fant's Grove area. Funds are used for maps, trails, bridges, and construction. 

Make online donations to the Clemson Experimental Forest by following the link to My Clemson Connections.