Featured Routes

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With around 17,500 acres of public forest property, knowing where to begin can be a bit overwhelming. The following trails are all in the Lake Isaqueena forest area and have been walked and documented to provide you with a starting place with getting to know some trails in the Clemson Experimental Forest.

Route Mileage Difficulty Ave walk water feature/s Notes
Indian Creek .9 easy 00:24 trail-side creek & creek crossing
Willow Springs 3.3 moderate 01:15 trail-side creek & creek crossing Horses not permitted on Wounded Knee Trail,  alternate route for less distance
W. Lake/Cemetery 1.9 easy/moderate 01:00 lakeside trail Alternate route available to hike half the distance
Wildcat Creek 4 moderate 02:45 stream and river crossing, waterfall will cross rapids on Rapids Trail, alternate route for less distance
Lower Wildcat Creek 1.6 easy/moderate 00:45 stream and river crossing, waterfall will wade through 2.5' deep water on Bowman Road
Holly Springs 3.18 easy/moderate 01:15 exposure on some portions lend to hot temps in summer
Lake-Lawrence 5.75 moderate 02:35 lake-side and creek-side trails Horses not permitted on Isaqueena Lake Trail
Spotted Horse Loop 3.41 moderate 01:30

Average hiking pace was casual but efficient for all route times above. Times will vary based on effort, ability and interference (possible treefall or route changes). 

Trail difficulty was calculated the following formula provided by the National Park Service where difficulty level is based on numeric rating: elevation gain X 2 X distance, the product's square root is the numerical rating then matched with a difficulty rating. 

a map of featured trails in the Lake Isaqueena forest area of Clemson Experimental Forest