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Campus Recreation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Intramural Sports?

    Intramural Sports provide a structured environment for sport leagues/events that are played on campus amongst teams of Clemson students, faculty, and staff. Intramural Sports are a great way to meet new people, to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and to have fun competing against other teams. Intramural Sport places a heavy emphasis on civility, sportsmanship, and comradery.

  • Who is eligible to participate?

    Any Clemson student, faculty, or staff with an active Campus Recreation membership is eligible to participate in Intramural Sports activities. For questions regarding membership status/eligibility or to purchase a membership, please visit our website.

     or contact Campus Recreation member services staff at 864-656-3453.

  • How do I register?
    • Visit the Campus Recreation Member Portal and select Sport Programs
    • Sign in using your Clemson username and password
    • Click on the Intramural Sports banner to be directed to the IMLeagues home page

    Once you are logged in to IMLeagues you can:

    • View current or upcoming sport seasons or tournaments
    • Create a team, or join an existing team roster

    To be eligible for registration:

    • Participants must have a current student, faculty, or staff Campus Recreation membership
    • Participants may not have any existing Campus Recreation and/or Intramural Sports suspensions
  • What type of leagues are offered?

    There are multiple leagues offered for each season-long sport. Men’s, Women’s, and CoRec leagues are offered and include divisions that are either competitive or recreational. Competitive (orange) divisions are intended for teams that have experience and/or want to compete at a high level and will include a post season playoff bracket. Recreational (purple) divisions are intended to offer the chance to participate with a focus more on having fun, being active, and/or learning a new sport and do not include a post season playoff bracket.

  • Can a Club Sport member play Intramural Sports?

    For related sports (ex: Club Soccer members wanting to play Intramural Soccer), there is a limit of 2 club members per team. For non-related sports (ex: Club Soccer members wanting to play Intramural Volleyball) there is no limit.

  • How do I join a team?
    The team captain (person who created the team on IMLeagues) will send roster invites to players they would like to add to their team. Captains can invite players through IMLeagues (via email) to join their team’s roster. Players must click the invite link and go through the required registration steps to join the roster.
  • What if I don’t have a team, but want to play?

    Individual participants can register as a “free agent” in IMLeagues, within the sport(s) of their choice. This allows the participant to create a free agent profile that team captains can view/use to invite free agents when they need additional team members.

    Additionally, some team captains choose to set their team rosters as “open” which allows individual players to simply add themselves to that team’s roster.

  • Why am I receiving an error message when trying to register?

    There are several things that could cause an error message/inability to register (even when you have an active Campus Recreation membership). Common causes include: university covid clearance, being suspended from Intramural Sports, attempting to register for more than one team (per sport), or having created a duplicate IMLeagues account. If you are unsure, please contact us.

  • How does the waitlist work?

    Each sport/event offered will have a maximum capacity of teams/divisions. Once all spots have been taken, additional teams who want to play can register on the waitlist within a specific league or division. While these teams cannot be guaranteed a spot, they will be contacted in the event that spots within a league/division open up. This occurs when registered teams decide to drop out, or do not meet roster minimum requirements. Waitlisted teams should add members and fill their roster, so that if a spot becomes open their team is ready to take it. Waitlisted teams will receive communication and instructions from the Intramural Sports office as registration closes.

  • What do I need to bring to my game?

    For officiated sports (indoor soccer, basketball, flag football, soccer) all team members must wear matching-colored jerseys (color selected during the team registration process) that include visible numbers. For all intramural activities, your CUID or mobile credential is required to check in. For all intramural activities, each team must have the minimum number of players required (see specific sport rules for details) present and checked in by no later than their scheduled game time.

  • How do I know if games have been rained out/canceled?

    Any time that games are canceled, all impacted teams will be notified via email. Typically, on days with inclement weather, decisions will be made by 3 p.m. for games that evening. When inclement weather arises during play in the evening, decisions will be made by on-site staff and communicated to teams.

  • Can I reschedule a game?

    Regular season games cannot be rescheduled, however, each team can “default” one game per season in the event they know they will not be able to attend. Defaulting a game will result in a loss, but will not prevent playoff eligibility.

    Playoff games can be rescheduled if availability exists. The only scenario in which we are able to guarantee a playoff reschedule is if at least 50% of a team’s members have another intramural playoff game at the same time. Other playoff reschedule requests will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis but cannot be guaranteed.

  • Which teams advance to playoffs?

    Teams from Competitive (orange) divisions will advance to playoffs, as long as they do not have any forfeits during the season and as long as their cumulative sportsmanship rating is a 3.0 or higher. Teams within each division will be seeded based on overall record, followed by the head-to-head record as a tiebreaker. If no head-to-head matchup occurred, overall point differential will serve as the next tiebreaker.

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