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Faculty and Staff Profile

Andrew Whitehead

Associate Professor

Office: 130F Brackett Hall
Phone: (864) 656-2026
Fax: (864) 656-1252
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 Educational Background

Ph.D. Sociology
Baylor University 2012

MA Sociology
Baylor University 2009

BA Psychology
Purdue University 2005

 Courses Taught

The Family (SOC 3110)
Research Methods (SOC 3020)
Sociology of Religion (SOC 4320)
Sport & Society (SOC 3400)


I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at Clemson University interested in how religion both shapes and is shaped by the surrounding culture and how this influences various social institutions, such as the family. I am the author of over 30 peer-reviewed publications. Recently, my research on Christian nationalism and childhood disability and religion has been featured across a number of national outlets including the Washington Post, CNN Today, and The Huffington Post, among others. My first book on Christian nationalism, with Sam Perry, will be available February 2020 from Oxford University Press. It will provide the first comprehensive empirical analysis of Christian nationalism in the United States. Please see my CV (link above) for more on my forthcoming or recently published works.

I am also the Assistant Director of the ARDA, the leading online religion data archive ( After earning my PhD at Baylor University but before arriving at Clemson I directed the U.S. Congregational Life Survey housed at the PC(USA) Center in Louisville, KY and taught as an Assistant Professor of Sociology in Mobile, AL.

When I'm not writing or teaching I am trying to make my wife laugh and keep track of our three children. I am an avid swimmer and triathlete and I enjoy watching/following all sorts of sports.

 Research Interests

Key words: Religion, Christian nationalism, childhood disability, organizations, gender, sexuality

My research focuses on three general areas. The first is Christian nationalism which is the focus of my first book (forthcoming 2020 with Oxford University Press, with Sam Perry) as well as close to a dozen articles already in print. This work demonstrates that Christian nationalism, a cultural framework, is vital to understanding the intersection of religion and politics in the public sphere. We show, both in the book and in prior studies, that the degree to which Americans desire a close, symbiotic relationship between Christianity and civil society is strongly associated with their voting behavior, views about sexuality, and attitudes toward racial inequality.

The second area concerns childhood disability. Here I examine the various consequences that chronic health conditions may have on children including their engagement with religious organizations to family functioning and parental outcomes. Finally, I also study the intersection of religion and sexuality. These articles investigate attitudes toward same-sex family forms, relationship quality, pornography use, and sexual satisfaction. Throughout this work I demonstrate the unique influence of religion on Americans’ understandings of sexuality as well as their sexual practices.

 Research Publications

(Since 2016 - see CV above for full publication record)

Baker, Joseph O. and Andrew L. Whitehead. Forthcoming. "God’s Penology: Belief in a Masculine God Predicts Support for Harsh Criminal Punishment and Militarism." Punishment & Society.

Whitehead, Andrew L. and Samuel L. Perry. Forthcoming. "Is a 'Christian America' a More Patriarchal America? Religion, Politics, and Traditionalist Gender Ideology." The Canadian Review of Sociology.

Perry, Samuel L. and Andrew L. Whitehead. Forthcoming. "Christian America in Black and White: Racial Identity, Religious-National Group Boundaries, and Explanations for Racial Inequality." Sociology of Religion.

Perry, Samuel L. and Andrew L. Whitehead. 2019. "Only Bad for Believers? Religion, Pornography Use, and Sexual Satisfaction among American Men." Journal of Sex Research 56(1): 50-61.

Perry, Samuel L., Andrew L. Whitehead, and Joshua Davis. 2019. "God's Country in Black and Blue: How Christian Nationalism Shapes Americans' Views about Police (Mis)treatment of Blacks." Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 5(1): 130-146.

Whitehead, Andrew L., Landon Schnabel, and Samuel L. Perry. 2018. "Gun Control in the Crosshairs: Christian Nationalism and Opposition to Stricter Gun Laws." Socius 4:1-13. DOI: 10.1177/2378023118790189.

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2018. "Disability and Religion: Variation in Religious Service Attendance Rates for Children with Chronic Health Conditions." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 57(2): 377-95.

Whitehead, Andrew L., Samuel L. Perry, and Joseph O. Baker. 2018. "Make America Christian Again: Christian Nationalism and Voting for Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election." Sociology of Religion 79(2):147-171.
*Lead article*
*Association for the Sociology of Religion 2019 Distinguished Article Award*

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2018. "Homosexuality, Religion, and the Family: The Effects of Religion on Americans' Appraisals of the Parenting Abilities of Same-Sex Couples." Journal of Homosexuality 65(1):42-65.

Whitehead, Andrew L. and Samuel L. Perry. 2018. "Unbuckling the Bible Belt: A State-level Analysis of Religious Factors and Google Searches for Porn." Journal of Sex Research 55(3): 273-283.
*Lead article*

Whitehead, Andrew L. and Christopher Scheitle. 2018. "We the (Christian) People: Christianity and American Identity from 1996 to 2014." Social Currents 5(2): 157-172.

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2017. "Institutionalized Norms, Practical Organizational Activity, and Loose Coupling: Inclusive Congregations' Responses to Homosexuality." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56(4):820-835.

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2017. "Neighborhoods, Family Functioning, and Mothers' Mental Health for Families with a Child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder." Applied Research in Quality of Life 12(3):633-651.

*Baker, Joseph O. and Andrew L. Whitehead. 2016. "Gendering (Non)Religion: Politics, Education, and Gender Gaps in Secularity in the United States." Social Forces 94(4):1623-1645.

Whitehead, Andrew L. and Samuel L. Perry. 2016. "Religion and Support for Adoption by Same-Sex Couples: The Relative Effects of Religious Tradition, Practices, and Beliefs." Journal of Family Issues 37(6):789-813.

Perry, Samuel L. and Andrew L. Whitehead. 2016. "For Better or For Worse? Gender Ideology, Religious Commitment, and Relationship Quality." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55(4):737-755.

*Perry, Samuel L. and Andrew L. Whitehead. 2016. "Religion and Public Opinion toward Same-Sex Relations, Marriage, and Adoption: Does the Type of Practice Matter?" Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55(3):637-651.

Perry, Samuel L. and Andrew L. Whitehead. 2016. "Religion and Nontraditional Families in the United States." Sociology Compass 10(5):391-403.

*Denotes equal authorship

 Honors and Awards

Association for the Sociology of Religion 2019 Distinguished Article Award (2019)

College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences Associate Deans' Recognition of Scholarship in Journal Publications, Clemson University (2018)

College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences Award for Excellence in Research, Emerging Scholar (2017)

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