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Faculty and Staff Profile

Ye Luo

Associate Professor

Office: 130G Brackett Hall
Phone: 656-4209
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 Educational Background

Ph.D. Sociology
Tulane University 1999

M.S. Information Management
Peking University 1991

M.A. Sociology
Tulane University 1994

B.S. Information Science
Peking University 1988

 Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology (undergraduate)
Methods of Social Research I (undergraduate)
Methods of Social Research II (undergraduate)
Population Issues and Methods (undergraduate/graduate)
Social Science Data Analysis (undergraduate)
Survey Designs for Applied Social Research (graduate)
Quantitative Research Methods I (graduate)
Quantitative Research Methods II/Advanced Research Methods (graduate)
Resources and Data Management Issues in Survey Research (graduate)


Dr. Luo is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Clemson University. Dr. Luo is also a research affiliate at the National Opinion Research Center/ University of Chicago. She serves on the Committee on Sociological Practice of the Southern Sociological Society. Her recent research primarily focuses on three interrelated areas: social determinants of health, social dynamics of aging, and sexual behavior and sexual health. Her research examines the relationship between socioeconomic status and health over the life course, and whether these relationships can be generalized to different populations and different societies. Her work examines how life transitions in old age, such as retirement, grandparenting, and living arrangements, and life events, such as elder abuse and mistreatment, affect health and well-being of older adults. Her research is particularly interested in how social services and social support at individual, community and societal levels modify these relationships. Dr. Luo has also conducted research on the determinants and consequences of changing sexual attitudes and behaviors in China. One of her current projects attempts to identify the mechanisms that explain the effects of loneliness on health and mortality. Another project looks at the relationship between perceived discrimination and health.

 Research Interests

Social Demography, Social Gerontology, Life Course and Health, Work and Family, Chinese Societies, Quantitative Methods

 Research Publications

Publications since 2008:

Pan, Xi, Ye Luo, and Amy Roberts. “Secondhand smoke and women’s cognitive function in China.” American Journal of Epidemiology, forthcoming.

Luo, Ye. 2016. “Gender and job satisfaction in urban China: The role of individual, family, and job characteristics.” Social Indicators Research 125(1):289-309.

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