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Faculty and Staff Profile

Shirley M Timmons

Associate Professor

Phone: 864-656-2169
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 Educational Background

PhD Nursing Science
University of South Carolina 1999

MN Community Nursing/Nursing Education
University of South Carolina 1988

BSN Nursing
University of South Caroline 1978

 Courses Taught

NUR3071: Family and Community Health Clinical (undergraduate-RN-BS clinical)
NUR3300: Research in Nursing (undergraduate-BSN)
NUR4060: Professional Transitions for Nurses (RN-BS)
NUR4140: Community Health (undergraduate-2nd degree BS)
NUR4141: Community Health Clinical (undergraduate-2nd Degree)
NUR4151: Community Health Nursing Clinical (undergraduate-BSN clinical)
NUR8010: Advanced Family and Community Health (graduate-MS)


National League for Nurses certified nurse educator with clinical experience in research and implementation of population health and health promotion interventions--especially targeting racial/ethnic minority populations. Complementing publications are within peer reviewed journals including Journal of Health Disparities: Research and Practice; Journal of Religion and Health; Nursing Education Perspective; Journal of Best Practices in Health Professions Diversity: Research, Education, and Policy; Journal of Nurse Practitioners; Journal of Christian Nursing; Health Care for Women International, Health Education Research, and Africa Insight. Currently, serves as reviewer for a) Community Engaged Scholarship for Health; b) Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research; c) Journal of Christian Nursing (Reviewing Editor: 2013); d) Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved; e) Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice; f) Journal for Nurse Practitioners; g) Journal of Religion and Health; h) Family and Community Health: The Journal of Health Promotion and Maintenance; I) Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute; J) National Institute of Health Early Career Reviewer program--Center for Scientific Review; k) International Institute for Qualitative Methodology; and l) Women’s Health Issues.

 Research Interests

Research interests include health promotion factors (social support, self-efficacy, hope, self-esteem) and health behavior; racial/ethnicity related health disparities; HIV/AIDS prevention in ethnic minority populations (especially women); self-management support; health services workforce development; and the role of the church (faith-based) in disease prevention/health promotion. Teaching/Public Service: population health, research, and nursing education. Administrative/Managerial interests: health services program planning, implementation, and evaluation and federally qualified health center services.

 Research Publications

1. Timmons, S.M., Shi, L., & Khademi, A. (2017). Priority Hypertension Management Strategies for At-Risk African Americans as Perceived by Medical Clinicians and Academic Scholars. The Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, 10(1), 220-236.
2. Timmons, S.M. (2015). Review and evaluation of faith-based weight-management interventions that target African American women. Journal of Religion and Health, 54(2), 798-809.
3. Kent, D.C. & Timmons, S.M. (2013). Therapeutic environmental effects on analgesic
requirements in post anesthesia care unit phase I. Virginia Henderson International Nursing e-Repository.
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HIV/AIDS through African American churches in North Carolina: implications and recommendations for HIV/AIDS faith-based programs. Journal of Religion and Health, 51(3), 865-78. doi: 10.1007/s10943-010-9396-x.
6. Timmons, S.M. (2012). Evaluating program outcomes in faith communities. In M. Stanhope & J. Lancaster (Eds.), Public health nursing: Population-centered health care in the community (8th ed.) (pp. 981). Maryland Heights, MO: Mosby
7. Timmons, S.M. (2012). African American faculties’ career decisions about a
predominantly Caucasian institution in the United States. Journal of Best Practices in
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8. Timmons, S.M. (2011). What is a Christian faith-based recovery program? The Journal of
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11. Memmer, S.E., Howe, L., Timmons, S.M., Nilson, L.B., & Parker, V. (2011). Evaluation of the effectiveness of “the village”: A pharmacology education teaching strategy in nursing education perspectives. Nursing Education Perspectives, 32(5), 338-341.
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