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Faculty and Staff Profile

Shirley M Timmons

Associate Professor

Phone: 864-656-2169
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 Educational Background

PhD Nursing Science
University of South Carolina 1999

MN Community Nursing/Nursing Education
University of South Carolina 1988

BSN Nursing
University of South Caroline 1978

 Courses Taught

NUR3071: Family and Community Health Clinical (undergraduate-RN-BS clinical)
NUR3300: Research in Nursing (undergraduate-BSN)
NUR4060: Professional Transitions for Nurses (RN-BS)
NUR4140: Community Health (undergraduate-2nd degree BS)
NUR4141: Community Health Clinical (undergraduate-2nd Degree)
NUR4151: Community Health Nursing Clinical (undergraduate-BSN clinical)
NUR8010: Advanced Family and Community Health (graduate-MS)


National League for Nurses certified nurse educator with clinical experience in research and implementation of population health and health promotion interventions--especially targeting racial/ethnic minority populations. Complementing publications are within peer reviewed journals including Journal of Health Disparities: Research and Practice; Journal of Religion and Health; Nursing Education Perspective; Journal of Best Practices in Health Professions Diversity: Research, Education, and Policy; Journal of Nurse Practitioners; Journal of Christian Nursing; Health Care for Women International, Health Education Research, and Africa Insight. Currently, serves as reviewer for a) Community Engaged Scholarship for Health; b) Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research; c) Journal of Christian Nursing (Reviewing Editor: 2013); d) Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved; e) Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice; f) Journal for Nurse Practitioners; g) Journal of Religion and Health; h) Family and Community Health: The Journal of Health Promotion and Maintenance; I) Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute; J) National Institute of Health Early Career Reviewer program--Center for Scientific Review; k) International Institute for Qualitative Methodology; and l) Women’s Health Issues.

 Research Interests

Research interests include health promotion factors (social support, self-efficacy, hope, self-esteem) and health behavior; racial/ethnicity related health disparities; HIV/AIDS prevention in ethnic minority populations (especially women); self-management support; health services workforce development; and the role of the church (faith-based) in disease prevention/health promotion. Teaching/Public Service: population health, research, and nursing education. Administrative/Managerial interests: health services program planning, implementation, and evaluation and federally qualified health center services.

 Research Publications

1. Harris, E., Messias D.K., Timmons, S.M., Felder, T. M., Estrada, R.D.(2018). Rest among African American women: The current state of the science. Holistic Nursing Practice,32(2). x-x.
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