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Undergraduate Programs


We offer the following undergraduate degrees:

Our biosystems engineering curriculum focuses on biologically-inspired concepts using systems thinking for engineering design of sustainable bioprocesses and ecological systems. There are two emphasis areas in the undergraduate Biosystems Engineering program to allow students to pursue interests and career pathways in Bioprocess Engineering or Ecological Engineering.

Our environmental engineering curriculum is versatile, allowing students to pursue a core curriculum that emphasizes areas that are traditionally associated with environmental engineering (e.g., water and wastewater treatment, solid and hazardous waste management, air pollution control, pollution prevention, and risk assessment).

In our Geology degrees, specialization tracks in traditional geology, environmental science, and hydrogeology allow students to focus their coursework in areas of particular interest to them. Unique to Clemson, all of our undergraduate geology students participate in research with a faculty member from their sophomore through senior year.


For general information on admissions contact the Clemson Admissions Office.

For specific information related to the Environmental Engineering Degree please contact:

David Ladner 

For specific information related to the Biosystems Engineering Degree please contact:

Tom Owino 

For specific information related to the Geology Degree, please contact:

Alan Coulson

Or, come visit the Main Office, 445 Brackett Hall