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Graduate Center for Transformational Mentoring
Graduate Center for Transformational Mentorship



acc Scholars with disabilities

This vibrant and inclusive community of scholars with disabilities and their allies gather regularly to forge connections and ensure that their individual needs are not just acknowledged but embraced. This community seeks to serve not only as a support system but also as a celebration of the diversity that enriches Clemson University. In this space, we come together to pool our experiences, insights, and resilience through sharing stories and mutual understanding. We seek a haven of understanding, as well as a space for collaboration.

bipo Scholars of color (BiPOC faculty and students)

This community of scholars, those who proudly identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, meet regularly to forge connections, advocate, share personal and professional experiences, support one another, and collaborate in meaningful ways. Beyond a mere support system, this community seeks to bring a collective approach to the traditional intellectual journey here at Clemson.  

rb  Out in the academy and industry (LGBTQIA+ faculty and students)

Within the diverse landscape of Clemson University, this vital and affirming community is dedicated to providing space for those who identify as LGBTQ and their allies. This gathering serves to celebrate the intersectionality of identities, allow dialogue to flourish, and foster a sense of belonging. In this empowering space, scholars are encouraged to find ways to navigate the academic terrain hand in hand.  

gb Global scholars (international faculty and students)

 The purpose of these meetings of International Scholars (graduate students, post-docs, and faculty) is to create a supporting environment where the richness of our diverse cultures is celebrated. We seek to transcend borders by creating a supportive environment where members collaborate, navigate challenges, and collectively enhance academic and cultural integration here at Clemson, while also providing a social anchor where connections and friendships are forged.

1g First-generation faculty, researchers, and students

In addition to fostering a welcoming social environment, the focus of this community is collectively addressing the specific academic and mentoring needs of first-generation scholars so that every member feels supported and empowered in their academic journey. Together, we hope to navigate the intricacies of the academic world by sharing insights, triumphs, and challenges. We want to develop a shared sense of belonging that ensures that Clemson is a true home for those graduate students and faculty who are the higher education pioneers of their families.  

If you are interested in joing any of these groups, please sign up by clicking this link: