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Silver Bluff Audubon Center and Sanctuary

In 2007, the Clemson Herbarium began a multi-year project to collect, identify and document the vascular flora of the Silver Bluff Audubon Center and Sanctuary.

This 3,400-acre preserve is located along the Savannah River in Aiken County, South Carolina, just south of North Augusta.

The preserve includes upland pine forest, hardwood bottomlands, fields, lakes, and streams and is typical of much of the Coastal Plain of the Carolinas and Georgia. The wide variety of habitats contained within Silver Bluff offers spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities and the site boasts a checklist with more than 200 bird species, including endangered Wood Storks. For more information about visiting Silver Bluff, visit the Audubon Silver Bluff webpage


Plant Specimen Collections

Map of the Silver Bluff sanctuary, with dots indicating collection areas in the preserve.Plant specimens are collected in duplicate at Silver Bluff, with one voucher specimen housed at the Clemson Herbarium and the second remaining at Silver Bluff as part of a reference collection. Our vascular plant species count now exceeds 660 documented taxa! Recently, Silver Bluff registered its collection, and now is our sister herbarium (code: SBAC).

The actual documented specimens in this list can be freely accessed on the SERNEC portal, choosing either Clemson University Herbarium (code: CLEMS) or Silver Bluff Audubon Center Herbarium (code: SBAC) selections on the SERNEC Southeastern Herbaria Search Page.

Collection areas within the preserve are noted on the accompanying map.

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