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Experience: Military Tradition

Student Veteran - Jackson Grant

Jackson Grant doesn’t recall the primary reason behind his initial visit to the Military & Veteran Resource Center in Vickery Hall over the summer of 2022. But he remembers the impression it made on him as an enrolled student veteran navigating his very first day at Clemson.

“Someone recommended the office to get help with my questions, and that’s where I met Emily DaBruzzi for the first time,” says Grant, who inquired about the feasibility of participating in the work-study program coordinated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

“As soon as he was interested in the VA work-study program, I knew he would be a perfect fit for our program,” DaBruzzi says. Grant has now spent the past 18 months as a perfect fit at Clemson, a school ripe with tradition and a proud military heritage.

Jackson Grant
Jackson Grant at US Navy with fellow Soldiers

Born To Serve

Grant grew up in Clemson and graduated from nearby D.W. Daniel High School. His desire to serve was evident from an early age, as he was a member of the Boy Scouts of America. As an upperclassman at Daniel, he was active in the Lions’ Junior ROTC program.

After high school, Grant opted to explore a career in the military. He landed on the United States Navy and served as a hospital corpsman, performing a wide range of clinical and specialty medical tasks from 2014-19, which included multiple deployments. He met his wife, Bailey—a Marine Corps veteran—in Hawaii and was married prior to a 2017 deployment. After leaving the Navy in 2019, Grant joined the Army Reserve and has accumulated more than nine years of service in the United States military.

Connect With M&VE

The transition to civilian life—particularly in higher education—can be difficult for veterans, military spouses and dependents. With more than 1,200 student veterans, service members and military-affiliated students, the Office of Military & Veteran Engagement serves in a supporting role for this unique population at Clemson. Through the Military & Veteran Resource Center located in Vickery Hall, students develop key campus connections and are introduced to resources available to aid their respective journeys.

Jackson Grant at Military and Veteran Engangement located at Vickery Hall

“If I’m going through a tough time or have a problem, I have a plethora of resources within a shared community. That only adds to me as a person and as a professional, and it’s a wonderful thing to have as a university. ” - Jackson Grant

Leader In Training

Grant was accepted as a transfer and enrolled at Clemson in 2022 and hit the ground running. He calls the resource center a “beacon” on campus for military-connected students. When he’s not in class, he can be found building sense of community in the resource center with students who share similar experiences.

He is an integral part of the VA work-study program and in December 2022, he earned the Outstanding Student Veteran Award from DaBruzzi’s office. He also became involved with the Student Veterans of America (SVA) chapter and currently serves as treasurer for the organization. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in sociology while also training as an ROTC cadet a few hours each week. Upon graduation, he’ll commission into the Army as an officer and continue his military career long after he leaves Clemson.

Jackson Grant with fellow soldiers
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