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Piedmont Research & Education Center


Farm Research-Teaching Project Plan

  • This is a fillable form.
  • Please answer all questions.
  • Text information can be cut/pasted.
  • This page can be used for outline-guide purposes. Include a separate/additional page for information as necessary.
  • The farm manager must have this form on file and accepted prior to the beginning of any research project or teaching activity.
  • Needs to be submitted on an annual basis. 

Animal Request Form

All requests for use of animals and animal facilities at Piedmont Research and Education Center should be made via this form.

  • Prior to grant submissions, investigators must consult with the campus veterinarian, farm manager, and PREC Director to determine if the request is feasible.
  • Allocation decisions will be made based on the information submitted in this form.
  • Teaching requests for Spring are due November 15; Summer on March 15; Fall on June 15;
  • CAFLS faculty require an active Experiment Station project for research use requests.