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cow feeder in a pasture under shelted awnings and cows nearby
Piedmont Research and Education Center

Simpson Beef Cattle Farm

The Simpson Beef Cattle Farm is one of two locations in the Clemson University Experiment Station that house beef cattle. The Simpson Beef Cattle Farm cow herd is an Angus, Angus-Simmental based herd.  The mission of the Farm is to support reproduction, nutrition, genetic evaluation, forage utilization, health management, and carcass endpoint research. The farm consists of five different facilities that have associated pastures, pens, and working facilities to support the research, teaching, and extension activities. Two different cattle feeding technologies (Calan Gates and C-Lock SuperSmart Feeders) are available on the farm.

The Clemson University Bull Test is facilitated by the Simpson Beef Cattle Farm.  The Clemson Bull Test utilizes GrowSafe Technologies to measure feed and water intake, bull bodyweight, and overall bull performance.

For biosecurity reasons, this property is not open to the public for drop-in visits. If you would like to visit this farm, please contact the farm manager for scheduling information.

Contact information:
Tommy West, Farm Manager
(864) 923-4069

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