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Policy Studies Doctorate Curriculum

Students may substitute up to 24 hours of relevant coursework from their master's degree toward the doctoral degree in Policy Studies. Prerequisite coursework in economics, quantitative methods or scientific/technical foundation courses will not fulfill degree requirements. Normally, all entering doctoral students will satisfy the bulk of their core course requirements before enrolling in courses in the concentration. Each doctoral student, in consultation with the coordinator in the policy area of his/her choice and with the approval of his/her faculty advisor, develops a curriculum in one of the following four areas: Environmental and Natural Resource Policy, Agricultural Policy, Rural and Economic Development Policy, and Science and Technology Policy.

Doctorate Curriculum:

The minimum number of credit hours for the doctorial degree in Policy Studies:

Core: 33 hours
Concentration: 18 hours
Enrichment/Electives: 12 hours
Dissertation: 18+ hours

Core Curriculum:

Courses for the concentration are selected from among intermediate and advanced graduate courses in the departments and programs at Clemson University.

ECON 8230 – Microeconomics for Public Policy
STAT 8010 – Statistical Methods I
ECON 8060 - Econometrics I
PO ST 8220 – Policy Analysis and Political Choice
ECON 6050 – Introduction to Econometrics
STAT 8030 – Regression and Least Squares Analysis
ECON 8070 - Econometrics II
ECON 8200 – Public Finance
AP EC 8220 – Public Policy Economics
PO ST 8430 - Organizational Theory and Public Management
PO ST 8930 - Internship in Policy Analysis
PO ST 8100 – Political Economy for Public Policy
PO ST 8420 – Ethics and Public Policy
PO ST 8980 - Policy Analysis Workshop
PO ST 9040 - Policy Analysis Seminar I
PO ST 9050 – Policy Analysis Seminar II

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Carolyn Benson
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Program Coordinator

Dr. Bruce Ransom
Professor and Policy Studies Chairman
Strom Thurmond Institute of Government and Public Affairs
Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0125
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