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Faculty and Staff Profile

Lauren Duffy

Associate Professor
Undergraduate Coordinator

Office: 294 Lehotsky
Phone: 864-656-1135

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Leisure Behavior
Indiana University Bloonington 2013

M.S. Parks and Recreation Management
University of North Carolina Greensboro 2009

B.S. Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
North Carolina State University 2006

 Courses Taught

PRTM 2980, 3980, 4980 Creative Inquiry in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
PRTM 3450 Tourism Management
PRTM 3480 Cultural Immersion: Exploring Intersections of Tourism and Society -- Study Abroad to Cuba
PRTM 3490 Survey of Tourism Sites in the Southeast
PRTM 3990 Honors Seminar
PRTM 4090 Methods in Recreation Research I (Honors)
PRTM 4010 Methods in Recreation Research II (Honors) -- study abroad to Thailand
PRTM 4440 Tour Planning & Operations
PRTM 4460 Community Tourism Development
PRTM 4470 Perspectives in International Travel
PRTM 4990 Honors Research Presentation
PRTM 6460 Community Tourism Development
PRTM 8080 Behavioral Aspects in PRTM
PRTM 8400 Tourism Planning
PRTM 9100 Special Topics: PRTM Writing Mentorship Program

Courses Taught at Other Institutions: Tourism and Commercial Recreation; Ecotourism: Administration and Management; Sustainable Tourism; Research and Evaluation in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management; Data-based Decision-Making; International Tourism; Community-based Tourism Planning [study abroad to Ecuador]


Dr. Duffy has two major research areas that intersect under the umbrella of critical sustainable tourism: 1) tourism planning and development with a particular focus on how power dynamics influence stakeholder participation throughout a planning process, and how power influences the distribution of tourism impacts (i.e., better understanding who benefits from tourism development projects), and 2) critical pedagogy and global learning. Her interest in tourism planning emerged out of her time spent working in rural communities in South and North Carolina where she has assisted with master tourism plans, resident and visitor survey data, community mapping, GIS asset mapping, town hall focus groups, and community visioning exercises, feasibility assessments for small businesses, product development, marketing plans, and linkage development. In the international context, her past and current research program includes working with communities in Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Zambia. Her research also explores the impact of cross-cultural exchanges, highlighting the importance of learning from, and with, people across the world. These exchanges, which can be intentionally designed into the classroom, are fundamental in preparing students to collaborate across borders. Dr. Duffy's work has also focused on how to help students to think both critically, and ethically, so that they can engage in the responsibility of addressing the grand social and environmental challenges of our time. Other pedagogical research has related to teaching diversity and social justice, international education, service-learning, collaboration, and transformative learning.

 Research Interests

Gender and tourism
Tourism planning and development
Power, ideology, and tourism
Social and environmental justice and tourism
Sustainable tourism planning and development
Critical pedagogy and critical thinking within travel and tourism

 Research Publications

*Graduate Students
** Undergraduate Students

Duffy, L.N., Stone, G. A., Townsend, J., & Cathey, J. (accepted, 2020). Curriculum internationalization: Virtual exchange as a means to develop global and cultural competencies, critical thinking, and transformative learning? Schole: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education.

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Kim, G., Jodice, L., Duffy, L.N., & Norman, W. (accepted, 2019). Examining the role of tourism product’ responsibility in a tourist’s behavioral decision-making associated with sustainable marine farming in coastal communities. Journal of Tourism in Marine Environments.

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 Honors and Awards

2020 The Academy of Leisure Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award
2020 The Academy of Leisure Sciences Innovation in Teaching Award
2019 - 2020 Clemson University TeachingForward Fellow
2018 Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in CBSHS
2018 Women Academics in Tourism (WAIT) Most Awesome Scholars 2018
2017 Award for Excellence in Innovation, CBSHS for the PRTM Writing Mentorship Program
2015 - 2019 Clemson University Critical Thinking Fellow


Tourism RESET Scholar
Clemson Institute for Parks