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Undergraduate Information

Civil engineering is the broadest of the engineering professions. It is the stem from which most other branches of engineering have developed. Civil engineering involves the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of facilities and systems to control and improve the environment for modern civilizations. This includes projects of significant importance such as bridges, transportation systems, buildings, ports and water distribution systems.

Ravanel BridgeClemson engineers are prepared to work immediately upon graduation in most areas of the profession. These include traffic and transportation engineering, structural engineering, construction engineering, soils and foundation engineering, coastal and water resources engineering, public works and more. The Clemson engineer is also educated in the humanities and social sciences. Graduates are encouraged to become registered professional engineers and to continue their education throughout their professional careers.

Students studying civil engineering at Clemson University will first be admitted into the General Engineering Program. Upon completing the General Engineering year requirements, students can then change their major to Civil Engineering. Transfer students must also show evidence that they have completed the general engineering requirements before being admitted into the Civil Engineering program. Upon entering the civil engineering program, each student will be assigned a faculty advisor.

abet logoThe Clemson University Civil Engineering Undergraduate degree program leads to the ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science degree. It is designed to provide the student with knowledge of basic science, engineering science and engineering design.

ABET accredits the undergraduate degree program in the Department of Civil Engineering. It was last reviewed in fall 2017 and accredited to September 30, 2024. The undergraduate degree program in civil engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission. (EAC).

Beyond the Classroom

Undergraduate students within the Civil Engineering Department have the opportunity to enhance their education by going beyond the classroom. The University Co-Op Program and the Study Abroad Program extend hands-on activities and real-world experiences.

Creative Inquiry

Creative Inquiry (CI) is a form of undergraduate research that uses an imaginative way to address different topics. Popular CI projects are the ASCE Steel Bridge Team, Design Morphology, and Engage Domenica.

Study Abroad

In an increasingly globalized world, including an international background in engineering is invaluable. Through our study abroad program at Clemson, students can gain challenging real-world experience. For more information, please visit Clemson's Study Abroad website.


Many Civil Engineering undergrads elect to participate in the Cooperative Education Program. The co-op program enables students to alternate semesters of work and study to gain practical experience in civil engineering while pursuing their academic goals.