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Faculty and Staff Profile

Andrew Pyle

Assistant Professor

Office: Strode 415
Phone: 864-633-0691

 Educational Background

Communication PhD

Applied Communication MA

Communication Studies; Russian Language BA

 Courses Taught

Principles of Public Relations
Intercultural Communication
Trends in Public Relations Research & Theory
Crisis Communication


Dr. Andrew S. Pyle is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies. He completed his PhD in Communication at George Mason University, and his MA in Applied Communication from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. His research focuses on the intersection of crisis communication and intercultural communication. His dissertation was on the challenges emergency responders face when deploying to diverse cultural contexts - how do you manage intercultural communication in a high-stress crisis environment while also managing the crisis effectively? His research also focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning, seeking methods for enhancing the classroom experience for students and faculty alike. Dr. Pyle is teaching courses in the areas of Public Relations and Intercultural Communication. He is also an active member of the National Communication Association, the Public Relations Society of America, and the Southern States Communication Association, where he serves as Registration Manager.

 Research Interests

Intercultural Crisis Communication, Public Relations, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

 Research Publications

Pyle, A. S. (2016). Surviving the Conflict of Self-Inflicted Organizational Crises. In A. Normore,
L. Long, & M. Javidi, (Eds.), Handbook of Effective Communication, Leadership and
Conflict Resolution.

Rowan, K. E., Pyle, A. S., & MacNeil, D. P. (2016). Preparing for the Worst: How to Use
Simulations to Enhance Skill Acquisition and Retention. Innovations in Teaching and
Learning. Fairfax, VA: Mason Publishing.

Ulmer, R. R., & Pyle, A. S. (2016). International organizational crisis communication: A simple
rules approach to managing crisis complexity. In A. Schwarz, M. W. Seeger, C. Auer
(Eds.), The Handbook of International Crisis Communication Research, 43, 108-118.

Zhao, X., Maibach, M., Gandy, J., Witte, H. J., Cullen, H., Klinger, B., Rowan, K. E., Witte, J., &
Pyle, A. S. (2013). Climate change education through TV weathercasts: Results of a field experiment. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, doi 10.1175/BAMS-D-12-