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Faculty and Staff Profile

Charles Chancellor

Associate Professor
Directeur Sportif, Bicycle Research Team

Office: 279 Lethotsky
Phone: 864-656-2210

 Educational Background

PhD Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management
Clemson 2005

MA Industrial Technology
Appalchian State 1987

ME Health, Physical Education, & Recreation
Bowling Green 1993

BS Industrial Distribution
Western Carolina 1985

 Courses Taught

Introduction to tourism
Community tourism development
EDGE immersion semester courses (Core PRTM courses for sophomores)

 Research Interests

Sustainable tourism, Bicycle tourism, Bicycles and accompanying infrastructure as part of community development

 Research Publications

Seaman, A., Farmer, J.A., Chancellor, H.C., Sirima, A., & Mgonja, J. (in review). Nostalgia and conservation: Creating the ideal rural American landscape. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.

Chen, LH., Chancellor, H.C., Langley, A., & Ogletree, S. (in review). A conceptual framework for integrating bicycle friendliness into community development. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation.

Weddell, M., West, S., Farmer, J.R., & Chancellor, H.C. (in review). The conflicting relationship between tourists and residents: The effect of tourists on a local farmer market. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

Yu, C-P., Cole, S.T., & Chancellor, H.C. (in review). The structural relationships of tourism impacts, tourism-related community quality of life and residents’ support for tourism development. International Journal of Travel Research.

Chao, P-H., Yu, C-P., Cole, S.T., & Chancellor, H.C. (in review). Resident support for tourism development: perceived tourism impacts and community quality of life perspective. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management.

Ruseva, T., Farmer, J.R., Chancellor, H.C. (accepted). Networking for conservation: Social capital and perceptions of organizational success among land trust boards. Ecology and Society.

Farmer, J.R., Chancellor, H.C., Brenner, J.C., Whitacre, J., Knackmuhs, E. (2016). To ease or not to ease: Interest in conservation easements among landowners in Brown County, Indiana. Professional Geographer. DOI: 10.1080/00330124.2015.1129910.

Duffy, L.N., Stone, G., Chancellor, H.C., & Kline C.S., (2015). Tourism development in the Dominican Republic: An examination of the economic impact to coastal households. Tourism and Hospitality Research. DOI. 10.1177/1467358415613118.

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Chancellor, H.C., & Cole, S.T. (2008). Using geographic information system to visualize travel patterns and market research data. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 25(3/4), 341-354. Received Martin Oppermann Memorial Award- Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing Best Article of the Year.