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Faculty and Staff Profile

Laura Jodice

Research Associate

Phone: 864.506.6041
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 Educational Background

M.S. Science Education with minor in Marine Science
University of Maine 1989

B.A. Biology with Environmental Studies
Williams College 1985


As a research associate, I typically assist multi-investigator teams with development and submission of research proposals focused on characterizing tourism and/or recreation problems, strategies, and markets. These proposals are interdisciplinary, intersectoral, regional and/or multi-state projects. My research has primarily targeted rural or coastal communities and the intersection of natural resource dependent industries and tourism. I also assist with developing or documenting the research hypotheses, literature review, budgeting, addressing human subjects standards, survey design and administration (online and paper), data analysis, project planning and management, and mid-project and final reporting. My training and experience includes graduate student advising, environmental education and outreach, marine science, and marine and natural resource management and policy.

 Research Interests

My research interests focus on identifying and developing educational and outreach strategies that improve public understanding of and involvement in fisheries and aquaculture processes, production, and harvest; other marine resource dependent industries and other local food production industries. My work has focused on:

1) Examination and development of linkages between tourism and seafood and understanding how these relationships can enhance communication about sustainable fisheries practices and economic diversification in fisheries communities. For example, I am interested in how marine farms, aquaculture facilities, and processing operations can serve as focal points for educating the public, both for marketing of local seafood products and to enable knowledge sharing about seafood industry activity at the coastal tourist destination.

2) Assessment of training needs for marine fisheries managers and other natural resource decision-makers (including managers, stakeholders, scientists and NGOs) and for providers of outreach on marine natural resources (e.g., nature-based tourism providers, charter operators).

3) Assessment of environmental education impacts and outcomes.

 Research Publications

Jodice, L. W., and W. Norman. (in prep). Importance-confidence analysis for tourist and resident ratings for production and source attributes of seafood on the U.S. Southeast coast.

Jodice, L. W., and W. Norman. (in prep). Frequency of resident advice to tourists searching for local seafood in coastal destinations engaged in shellfish aquaculture.

Kim, G., L.W. Jodice, L.N. Duffy, & W.C. Norman. (in prep). Examining the importance of tourism product’ responsibility in tourist behavioral decision in the context of coastal communities engaging in sustainable marine farming of shellfish.

Jodice, L.W., Ramshaw, G., Sirima, A. and Goris, L. (in press). Coastal Gastronomy: Envisioning a South Carolina Seafood Trail. Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism.

Kim, G., L.N. Duffy, L.W. Jodice & W.C. Norman. (2017). Coastal tourist interest in value-added, aquaculture-based, culinary tourism opportunities. Coastal Management, 45(4):1-20.

Bachman, J.R., L.W. Jodice, W. Hammitt & C-O Oh. (2017). Boat Captain Perspectives on adding non-consumptive value to charter experiences on the South Carolina coast. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 18: 34–43.

Oh, C.O., L.W. Jodice, J.R.Bachman & W. Hammitt. (2016). Angler and Non-Angler Preferences for Value-added, Non-consumptive Products and Services Associated with Charter Boat Trips. Ocean and Coastal Management, 130:299–308.

Kang, Sanghoon, W. C. Norman & L.W. Jodice. (in prep). The role of smartphones in trip planning.

Brownlee, M., Hallo, J., Jodice, L., Moore, D., Powell, R., & Wright (2015). Place attachment and marine recreationists’ attitudes towards offshore wind energy development. Journal of Leisure Research, 47(2):263-284.

Lacher, R., C. Oh, L.W. Jodice, & W. C. Norman, W. (2013). The role of heritage and cultural elements in coastal tourism destination preferences: A choice modeling - based analysis. Journal of Travel Research, 52 (4):534-546.

Jodice, L., J. Hull and A. Sirima. (2010). Marine farming and tourism. Aquaculture New Zealand. Volume 2. Number 2. (June 2010), p. 4-7.

Harte, M.J., Larkin, S. Sylvia, G. Huppert D, Kailis G, and Jodice L. (2009). IFQs and Responsible Fisheries Policy. Fisheries 34: 294-298.

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Jodice, L. and W. Norman. (2008). Seafood Tourism. In Luck, M. ed. Encyclopedia of Tourism and Recreation in Marine Environments. CABI International, UK.

Jodice, L. W., G. Sylvia, M. Harte, S. Hanna, & K. Stokes. (2008). Building Capacity for 21st Century Fisheries Management: A Global Initiative. In J. L. Nielsen, J. J. Dodson, K. Friedland, T. R. Hamon, J. Musick & E. Verspoor (Eds.), Reconciling fisheries with conservation: proceedings of the Fourth World Fisheries Congress. American Fisheries Society, Symposium 49, Bethesda, Maryland. (pp. 139-148).

Deale, C., W. Norman, & L.W. Jodice. (2008). Marketing Locally Harvested Shrimp to South Carolina Coastal Visitors: The Development of a Culinary Tourism Supply Chain. Journal of Culinary Science & Technology. 6(1): 5-23.

Woosnam, K., L.W.Jodice, A. Von Harten, & R. J. Rhodes. (2008) Investigating Marine Recreational Fishing Stakeholders’ Perspectives across Three South Carolina Coastal Regions: The First Step towards Collaboration. Journal of Extension.46(2)


Researchgate page
*Jodice, L.W. & W.C. Norman (2015). Perceptions of marine aquaculture in coastal tourist destinations in the us southeastern region. Final Report submitted to S.C. Sea Grant Consortium/National Sea Grant
*Jodice, L.W., J. Bachman & C. Oh (2015). Understanding demand for value-added products and services associated with for-hire boat trips on the South Carolina (SC) coast. Final Report submitted to S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
*Jodice, L.W., A. Sirima & G. Ramshaw (2015). Examining capacity for a cooperative seafood tourism trail as a value-added marine resource-based recreation and tourism product on the South Carolina coast. Final Report submitted to S.C. Sea Grant Consortium