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Faculty and Staff Profile

Lindsey C Dixon


Phone: 864-656-4727

 Educational Background

Illinois State University 2012

Ball State University 2005

 Courses Taught

Argumentation and Debate
Public Speaking
Media Criticism
Pop Culture


Lindsey Dixon is the Director of Debate and lecturer in the Department of Communication. Lindsey was hired to reinvigorated the Clemson Debate Society in 2012. Since 2012 Lindsey has grown the debate program to one of the most respected program in the country. Lindsey has grown the debate program to over 25 students on the team every year. Also, we have students represented from almost every college on Clemson's campus. Not only is the Clemson Debate Society well respected across the United States, we have also traveled to represent Clemson at some of the most prestigious debate programs all around the world. The Clemson Debate Society has traveled to the following countries to represent Clemson University: India, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Jamaica, Canada, Austria, South Africa, and China. In April of 2019 Lindsey became the first woman to ever convene the United States Universities Debating Championship. The top 60 universities from around the country traveled to Clemson University to compete for the largest national debate tournament in the country.


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