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Faculty and Staff Profile

Robert D Bixler


Phone: 864-367-2548

 Educational Background

PhD Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Clemson University 1994

MAT Science Education
University of Louisville 1986

BA Biology
University of Louisville 1981


Research focused initially on explaining lack of interest in outdoor recreation in many people. Second step was to investigate how interest in outdoor recreation, particularly natural history dependent recreation develops across the lifespan. The third stage of research focused on human insect relationships as both a barrier to participation, but also a little recognized appealing activity for children ages 6 to 11 to have frequent inexpensive interactions with nearby nature. Additionally, development of new methods for heritage interpretation and describing theoretical underpinnings for heritage interpretation has been a focus.

 Research Interests

People and natural history based hobbies
Development of new methods and theoretical basis for heritage interpretation
Human-insect transactions
Environmental Socialization

 Research Publications

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 Honors and Awards

Outstanding Service to the Sunny Southeast Region, National Association for Interpretation. (2019).

Outstanding Interpreter in the Sunny Southeast Region, National Association for Interpretation. (2019).

Fellow, National Association for Interpretation 2017