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Faculty and Staff Profile

Windsor Sherrill

Professor, Associate Vice President for Health Research at Clemson University
Chief Science Officer at Greenville Hospital System

Office: Edwards 521
Phone: 864-656-0263

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Health Policy
Brandeis University 2000

University of Alabama at Birmingham 1989

University of Alabama at Birmingham 1989

B.S. Biology
Wake Forest University 1987

 Courses Taught

Introduction to HealthCare Systems
Managing Health Services Organizations
Introduction to Health Economics
Principles of Healthcare Operations Management and Research
Finance and Budgeting for Healthcare Organizations
Special Topics in Public Health
Research and Evaluation Strategies for Public Health
Selected Topics in Health
Independent Study
Health Internship for Health Sciences
Health Internship for Health Architecture
Health Care Finance and Management
Special Problems
Seminar in Healthcare Administration and Leadership
Health Administration Field Project
Topics in Health Administration
Collaborative Management in Health Care, Collaborative Learning Project
Creative Inquiry
Honors Thesis Sequence, Public Health Sciences
Health Economics
Introduction to Public and Private Health Care Systems
Politics and Policy of Healthcare Reform


Windsor Westbrook Sherrill is a professor of public health sciences and associate vice president of Clemson University School of Health Research (CUSHR). She also serves as Chief Science Officer for the Greenville Health System. Windsor\\\'s research spans diverse disciplines, including medical and health management education, health finance and policy, and the evaluation of health services and health education programs for underserved groups. Her research initiatives have garnered more the $4 million in external funding and have been published in journals such as Academic Medicine, Medical Education, and the Journal of Health Administration Education. She has also taught courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level in topics such as health care management, health care systems, and health care finance. She is the 2012 winner of the Class of ’39 Award for Excellence.

 Research Interests

Health Services Evaluation, Medical Education, Health Disparities, Health Administration, Finance and Policy, Survey Research, Health Policy, Population Health

 Research Publications

Sherrill, W. & Mayo, R. (2014). Medical and Nursing Student Communication Skills: Preparing to Treat Latino Patients. Journal of Communication in Healthcare, 7 (2), 128-136. doi:1753807614Y.0000000052.

Mayo, R., Sherrill, W., Truong, K., Nichols, C. (2014). Preparing for Patient Centered Care: Assessing Nursing Students’ Knowledge, Comfort, and Cultural Competence toward the Latino Population. Journal of Nursing Education. doi: 10.3928/01484834-20140428-01

Sherrill, W. & Harris, M. (2014). Enhancing Patient-Provider Communication through Bibliotherapy: A Brief Historical Review. Journal of Poetry Therapy, 27(2), 89-96. doi: 10.1080/08893675.2014.895491

Mayo, R., Sherrill, W., Griffin, S., & Parker, V. (2012). Content, Placement, and Acquisition of Cancer Education for Latino Patient Care: A Qualitative Study of Medical and Nursing Students. Journal of Cancer Education, 27(4), 618-624. doi: 10.1007/s13187-012-0406-4

Sherrill, W., Westerman, J., Howell, R.E., Saul, T., & Lowe, J. (2012, January-March). Mentoring and Fellowships in Health Services Administration: Reflections on an Evolving Training Ground. Journal of Healthcare Management, 31(1), 44-51.

Sherrill, W. & Truong, K. (2010, Fall). Traditional Teaching vs. Hybrid Instruction: Course Evaluation and Student Performance in Health Services Management Education. Journal of Health Administration Education, 27(4), 253-268.

Sherrill, W., Mayo, R., Mayo, W., & Burroughs, K. (2010, March/April). Keys to Cultural Competence in Outpatient Practice: Observations from the Field. AAMA Executive Online(American Academy of Medical Administrators).

Sherrill, W., Spitler, H., & Havice, W. (2009). Moving Beyond the Traditional Case Study in Health Services Administration Education: Creating a Distributed Learning Environment Model. Journal of Health Administration Education, 25 (3).

Sherrill, W., & Mayo, R. (2009). Impacting the Health of Latino Communities: A Model for Rural Areas. Global Health Online, North America, 223 - 06.

Fortson, J., Howe, L., Harmon, C., & Sherrill, W. (2008). Targeting Cardiovascular Risk: Early Identification of Insulin Resistance. Journal of Amer Acad. of Nurse Practitioners, 20 319-325.


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