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wooden sign in a wooded area at the entrance of the south carolina ffa leadership center
Cooperative Extension: SC Agricultural Education

Equine Camp

ffa agricultural education

November 16 - 19, 2023

Registration deadline is October 31, 2023

Cost: $250/Individual

Participants can expect:

Waterway Trail Ride Beach Ride

Visits from Industry Professionals Educational

Programs on Horse Care and Management and the Career Development Event

Under 3-Week Cancellation Fee: If you cancel under 3 weeks before the start of camp or are a no-show for camp, you will be charged full price for registration. We recommend filling spots in your chapter to avoid this fee and give more students a chance to experience camp.

2 horses

If any of the scheduled events or programs are cancelled due to Inclement weather the price of the camp will be adjusted

Appropriate dress is required. All riding is to be done in suitable boots or sturdy shoes that have a heel and a smooth sole. Hard-soled leather shoes or boots will be required in the stable area and while riding at all times. Loafers, tennis shoes, duck boots, etc. will not be acceptable for riding.

All the following forms are REQUIRED and MUST be filled out with the appropriate signature in order for campers to participate: Camp Parent Permission Form, Medical Form, and releases forms for both stables.

Learning and Competency Objective

Develop students' knowledge in equine sciences, selection, care and well-being, management and production through the agricultural education curriculum.

Gain exposure to industry-level skills through the use of practical skills, critical thinking and applied knowledge.

Provide recognition for those who have demonstrated skills and competencies as a result of instruction in equine science.

Collaborate with others to develop reasoning skills for class placements

SC FFA Leadership Center
SC FFA Leadership Center | 1069 FFA Circle Drive, N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582