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Cooperative Extension: South Carolina Young Farmer and Agribusiness Association


Dues are $10.00 per member for both State and National memberships. 

Please submit your rosters electronically for accuracy of information and  speed of processing. 

Make any changes, such as additions and deletions on the previous year’s roster. If you do not have a previous roster, you may request that it be emailed to you or use the template form located on the right-hand side of this page to create one. 

Save the downloadable roster to your hard drive. 

Type in the names and addresses of each of your members on the downloaded roster and save to your hard drive. Please make certain that all addresses are correct and are included. 

Email a copy of your roster as an attachment to 

You will be invoiced by SCFAA.

Payment should be sent to:
S.C. Farmer and Agribusiness Association 
Attn: Jennifer Lyda 
P.O. Box 1746 
Clemson, SC 29633 

Once payment is received, your roster will be processed for both state and national memberships. 

In order for your chapter members to receive the mailed information regarding the Summer Tour, the roster and dues must be received March 3rd.

South Carolina Agricultural Education
South Carolina Agricultural Education | P.O. Box 1746, Clemson, SC 29633