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Cooperative Extension: SC Agricultural Education

Outdoor Recreation Camp

ffa agricultural education

April 13-16, 2023


Come fall in love with the great outdoors! Join us for a hands-on and informative exploration of nature. You will learn vital skills, while also learning about the laws and regulations, as well as the need for them. Whether you are a skilled outdoorsmen or just a beginner, this camp will inspire you to grow deeper in your love of our beautiful world!

  • Explore careers in Natural Resources
  • Hands-on range experience
  • Training on survival methods
  • Hunter/Outdoorsmen Education
student harnesses into a high ropes team challenge element 

Learning Objectives

Discuss the role that soil, water, and vegetation play into park planning

Expose students to outdoor recreational activities that will enrich their leisure time, promote self-fulfillment, and help to refresh the mind and spirit

Develop the behavior of good judgment in the selection of recreational pursuits that meet physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs

Enhance through education, public awareness and understanding of the important role hunting plays in the conservation of wildlife resources

Provide students with an awareness of their legal and ethical responsibilities when enjoying and/or harvesting wildlife

Provide students with a better understanding of the principles of wildlife management practices and the need for wildlife laws and regulations

SC FFA Leadership Center
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