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Cooperative Extension: SC Agricultural Education

Vet Science Camp

March 23-26, 2023

Cost $125/individual

Registration is limited to 80 individuals

Participants can expect:

  • Demonstrations from Vet Techs, groomers and other local professionals
  • You will cover skills relevant to the industry that will prepare you for the Veterinary Science CE
  • Quiz Bowl Competitions for Individuals and Chapters including Parasite ID, Tool Identification, Breed Identification

Under 3-Week Cancellation Fee: If you cancel under 3 weeks before the start of camp or are a no-show for camp, you will be charged full price for registration. We recommend filling spots in your chapter to avoid this fee and give more students a chance to experience camp.

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pug holding a dog toy in it's mouth
vet camp student and instructor working together
vet camp student holding a large baking sheet with homemade dog treats on it

Competency-based Objectives

Students will be introduced and will develop mastery on the following skills:

  • Administering medication
  • Performing restraints
  • Handling large and small animals
  • Preparing equipment for surgery
  • Working with colleagues and customers

These learning objectives align with the South Carolina agricultural education standards and the career development event (cde) in line with the national FFA organization.


Learning Objectives

While we want to ensure all students have fun, as part of the agricultural education model we want to emphasize experiential learning opportunities.

Identify and demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Large and small animal breeds
  • Veterinary science tools
  • Parasite and diseases
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