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Doctoral Hooding Ceremony FAQ

Semester PhD Hooding Ceremony date and time Location Arrival time for graduates
Spring 2018 Thursday, May 10 at 7:00 pm Brooks Center 5:30 pm

Note: only students graduating at the end of the current semester will be able to register for the hooding ceremony.

Q: What do I need to do if I want to participate in the doctoral hooding ceremony?

A: Register here for the current semester's doctoral hooding ceremony at least 2 weeks before the ceremony. If you have applied for graduation but aren't sure if you will graduate, register anyway and let us know if you find out you need to change your plans. You’ll be asked for your name, username, etc., as well as the name of the person who will be hooding you (usually your advisor) and their username/email (see below for more info on hooding). If you have not already done so, you will need to buy or rent an official regalia set (gown, tam, and hood). You may choose to rent some items (the gown and tam, for example) and purchase others (the hood). To rent or purchase regalia, visit Deadlines for regalia orders is well in advance of the hooding ceremony date, so visit that page now for up-to-date information on ordering deadlines.

Q: When I applied to graduate, I said I didn’t want to attend graduation, but I've changed by mind and want to attend the hooding ceremony. What do I need to do?

A: You must wear official Clemson doctoral regalia to participate in the hooding ceremony. Deadlines to order regalia are well before the ceremony date, but rental orders can sometimes be placed after the deadline. If it is less than four weeks before the ceremony, call or stop by the Clemson Bookstore ASAP to find out if you can still get regalia in time. If you can get regalia, register for the doctoral hooding ceremony. You’ll be asked for your name, email address, etc., as well as the name of the person who will be hooding you (see below for more info on hooding). 

Q: What do I need to tell friends and family?

A: Friends, family and other guests will not require tickets. Seating is first-come, first-served and should be ample for the expected number of guests. Children are welcome to attend; the Brooks Center has space in the lobby and surrounding area where parents can take children who become noisy or restless. Auditorium doors will open approximately one hour before the ceremony start time, and we ask that guests be seated and settled 20 minutes prior to the start time so the processional can begin soon thereafter. Parking will be in the Brooks Center lot and, if necessary, Lot E-21 (parking permits will not be required). For family and friends who cannot attend, the event will be streamed live. A link to the live stream will be emailed to participating students and will be published on the Graduate School’s home page closer to the event. Photography that does not interfere with the proceedings or with view or comfort of others is allowed; no tripods are allowed.

Q: What if I or one of my guests requires accommodations due to a disability?

A: Please contact April Beckwith at the University’s Office of Accessibility Services to arrange for accommodations.

Q: Who will be hooding me?

A: Traditionally, you would invite your advisor or a member of your committee to hood you. That person, along with your department chair, will place the hood on your shoulders. In the rare case that those people are not available, or if your advisor is also your department chair, a Graduate School associate dean will join the advisor/chair to hood you. You’ll indicate your choice when you register for the ceremony online.

For faculty members who will be hooding one or more students:

What if I am a faculty member who will be hooding someone?

You’ll receive details on what time to arrive at the Brooks Center and more information about the process via e-mail. Since no hoodings will take place at the general graduation ceremonies, you need not attend those events unless you simply wish to, or are participating in some other way.