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Preparing to Apply

The Graduate School at Clemson University offers 130 graduate degree programs in 85 disciplines. Before you apply, you need to be sure that you have found the program that will meet your educational and future career goals and you need to determine what type of student you are. Please follow the Preparing to Apply Steps 1-3 to assist with this process.

All supporting materials required by the Graduate School should be attached to the online application for admission. These may include personal statements, unofficial copies of transcripts and resumes/CVs. Other supporting materials, such as portfolios, required specifically by individual programs should be submitted based upon the guidelines provided by the program. Please note: Official transcripts are only required of those applicants who are offered admission. Therefore, do not mail an official transcript unless you receive an offer of admission.

Degree-Seeking Students:

Students wishing to pursue a graduate degree at Clemson University are considered "Degree Seeking Students". These students should select “Degree” on page 1 of the online application under “For which type of program are you applying?”. This includes all applicants seeking a Masters, Doctoral, or any professional degree.

Non-Degree Seeking Students:

Admission to the "Non-Degree" category is restricted primarily to those who may benefit professionally from additional study at the graduate level. In all cases the non-degree student must receive permission from the Program Coordinator or the Department Chair before enrolling in any graduate course. In general, the only supportive material required for non-degree admission is a transcript showing an appropriate background and confirming the awarding of a bachelor's degree or higher. Be sure to check with the department to ensure you have the appropriate materials. In most cases, International Students are not eligible for Non Degree Status.

If you are interested in taking undergraduate courses as a non-degree seeking student, please use the Non-degree checklist to make sure you submit the appropriate application.

NOTE: If you have been previously enrolled at Clemson anytime in the past six years as a Non-Degree Student and wish to continue this status, then you DO NOT need to complete the online application. Rather, please complete the Graduate Application for Re-Entrance.