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Welcome from the Dean

Dr. David Fleming

Clemson University was established with a singular vision: to be a “high seminary of learning” to benefit the public good.

Since its founding in 1889, Clemson University has evolved and matured into a leading, modern land-grant university.  However, we have never lost our focus on the reason we exist: to make the world a better place through the power of education, creativity, curiosity, integrity, and scholarship. With over 5,000 students in 150+ graduate and professional degree programs, the Clemson University Graduate School is home to faculty and students who are re-imaging the world we live in, even as you read this.

Consider what someone from 1919 would think of our modern world of 2019. Think about how many fundamental aspects of life have changed radically during the course of a century: our food and how we get it, our health and the illnesses we experience, how we spend leisure time, the built environment we live in, the transportation we use, the communication and entertainment available to us, the ethical issues we wrestle with, and the educational system available to us — all are completely transformed, in large part due to people like you in graduate programs like ours. 

Transformative leaders in top-tier companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft seek to create great teams, not just teams of great people. These leaders tell us that one key attribute of great teams is diversity. Different perspectives and backgrounds and interests and ways of thinking can imbue teams with greatness — the whole can be more than the sum of the parts — and this greatness can lead to breakthroughs not possible otherwise. At Clemson, we celebrate and value all types of diversity. We seek those who will join our teams and help our mission of serving the common good. Whatever your background, identity, or viewpoint, you can make us stronger and more successful while we help you transform to meet your individual objectives. “Transformation begins here” is our tagline, and the transformations are many and mutual.

My goal as Dean of the Graduate School is to ensure that we continue to strive toward tomorrow, one great student transformation at a time, always working to fulfill our mission of making the world a better place for all. 

Within the Graduate School, we pursue a journey of self-reflection and questioning that we hope will result in an exceptional graduate experience. Working with faculty and staff, campus leadership, graduate student organizations, alumni, and community partners, we are committed to doing our best to prepare you for success in the 21st Century. We imagine and build new initiatives to better support you during your time at Clemson, and to optimally prepare you for life after graduate school. 

  • If you are not yet a member of the Clemson community, I invite you to explore the many opportunities available to you! Application is a simple online process, and the first step into this exciting and profoundly rewarding world. 
  • For those of you already members of the Clemson community of scholars, we invite your suggestions on how to improve graduate education at Clemson.
  • If you are a Clemson Graduate School alum, we would love to hear your story. Please drop us a note and tell us how your experience at Clemson helped prepare you for what came next.

David S. Fleming, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Provost and Interim Dean of the Graduate School