A diverse group of researchers including breeders, geneticists, plant pathologists, horticulturalists, plant physiologists and extension specialists have assembled from several institutions across the nation to work on this project.

Clemson University

Douglas Bielenberg, Associate Professor, Plant Physiology,

Ksenija Gasic, Professor, Peach Breeding and Genetics,

Bulent Koc, Agricultural Mechanization and Business,

Stephen Kresovich, Professor, Genetics,

Gregory Reighard, Professor, Horticulture,

Chris Saski, Associate Professor, Genomics,

Guido Schnabel, Professor, Plant Pathology,

Michigan State University

Ray Hammerschmidt, Professor, Plant Pathology,

Amy Iezzoni, Professor, Cherry Breeding and Genetics,

University of Georgia

Philip Brannen, Professor, Extension Fruit Disease Specialist,

Dario Chavez, Assistant Professor, Horticulture,

Jeff Cook, County Extension Coordinator,