Frequently Asked Questions

What is CAFLS Plus?

CAFLS Plus is a new program to offer professional development activities to CAFLS sophomores, juniors and seniors by taking advantage of faculty, staff, and alumni expertise, as well as resources from within the local and statewide business and higher education networks. CAFLS PLUS will enhance student success by offering a program to better prepare students for finding jobs and succeeding in their careers and in life.

CAFLS PLUS is a groundbreaking new program that adds a new dimension to our academic course offerings. Five sessions of CAFLS PLUS were offered in Spring 2014 on a voluntary, non-credit basis, and student response
exceeded our expectations.

As a result, CAFLS PLUS added for the first time in Fall 2014 a new 4000-level, 1-credit hour course. Tom Scott, PhD, Dean Emeritus and Professor in the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, was instructor-of-record. In Spring 2015 The course was expanded to a 2-credit hours and includes a 1-hour lab.
CAFLS PLUS will give CAFLS students the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of activities to
foster academic, professional, and personal growth.

What are “soft skills?”

Soft skills are those used by a person to properly interact with others. The term generally refers to one’s ability to get along with others and be a collaborative team player while getting the job done. These interpersonal skills include everything from communication, networking and listening to attitude and deportment. Effective interpersonal skills are often required for many positions and promotions in an organization and are essential for leadership.

Who is eligible?

CAFLS PLUS is targeted to CAFLS sophomores, juniors and seniors. Some programs, like the Personal Finance series, will appeal to a broader audience. If space is available, others may attend, especially freshmen, graduate students and even faculty and staff.

How did CAFLS Plus get started?

For the past several years, Tom Scott, PhD, Dean Emeritus, Professor and former Dean of the College of Agriculture, Forestry & Life Sciences (CAFLS), recognized the need to help aspiring graduates be more competitive for the highly sought after jobs for which they have worked hard and to which they aspire. Dr. Scott envisioned a comprehensive and well-marketed program that would give students the extra knowledge, insight and skills needed to be the job candidates that employers want to hire. He began referring to this program as CAFLS PLUS.

‘We need to give students skills that are not in our core curriculum, but that are critical success factors in their careers and personal lives,” said Scott.

These skills are often referred to as soft skills, as defined above, although CAFLS PLUS is much more than that. The program will offer exposure to industry professionals who will give students an inside look at what the job opportunities are for their chosen major. Seniors especially will be able to take advantage of programs on business dining etiquette, how to dress properly, resumé writing specific to their major,  skills and tips for successful job interviews, experiences that will make them comfortable in professional situations, and even a personal finance program to start them on the right track.

How much does it cost?

All CAFLS Plus programs are free.