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Worm Composting

Soil Testing

The Agricultural Service Laboratory provides a variety of analytical agricultural testing.  Samples may be submitted through the County Extension Offices or directly to the lab.  Each County Extension Office has the supplies needed for submitting samples.

Plant Industry has two primary program missions: 

  1. serve to protect South Carolina's agricultural resources and natural ecosystems from the introduction and spread of plant and honey bee pests and invasive species and

  2. serve to enhance the efficiency of South Carolina's agricultural producers by providing unbiased, third party quality assurance programs for the fertilizer, organic and seed industries.

Carolina Yards and NeighborhoodsCarolina Yards
Successful garden and lawn care in South Carolina requires special knowledge and skills. The Carolina YardStick Workbook shows you how to create attractive and healthy yards by working with South Carolina's environment, rather than against it.

Rainwater Harvesting Manual for homeowners Rainwater Harvesting Manual for homeowners contains instructions and tips for designing and building your own rain barrel and creating a watershed-friendly home landscape. Details the environmental, financial and horticultural benefits of small scale residential rainwater harvesting.

South Carolina Master Naturalist ProgramThe South Carolina Master Naturalist Program is a statewide corps of volunteers providing education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities. Interested South Carolinians become Master Naturalists through training and volunteer service.

Tree Species Guide