Faculty & Staff Directory

* = graduate faculty advisors

Department Chair: Dr. Charles Privette - 864-656-6247- privett@clemson.edu

Administrative Assistant:  Deanna Burns - 864-656-3250 - dbrns@clemson.edu


Apperson, Pat: Lecturer, Agribusiness

Bolotova, Yuliya*: Agribusiness Economics

Byrd, Preston*: Agricultural Education

Chastain, John P.*: Agricultural Waste Management

DiBenedetto, Catherine*: Agricultural Education

Fravel, Philip M.*: Advisor to CCFFA

Hitchcock, Dan*: Ecological Design, Ecological Engineering, Water Resources

Kantrovich, Adam*: Extension Associate Professor

Koc, Bulent*: Machine Systems

Lamie, Ronald D.*: Community Economics

Layfield, Dale*: Agricultural Education

Massey, Hunter: Agricultural Mechanization

Mickey, Scott: Agri-Business

Privette, Charles*: Agricultural Mechanization, Surveying

Sawyer, Cal*: Water Quality & Storm Water

Smith, Nathaniel: Extension Professor-Agribusiness, Sandhill Research & Education Center

Vassalos, Michael*: Farm and agribusiness management, production economics

Willis, David*: Production (agricultural) and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Zhang, Lisha*: Agribusiness-Finance


Burns, Deanna: Administrative Assistant

Hooper, Jennifer: Administrative Assistant/Human Resources

Leard, Christi M.: Student Services Manager

Swafford, Charlotte P.: Accountant

Adjunct Faculty

Buffington, Dennis

Carpio, Carlos

Isengildina, Olga

Jayakaran, Anand*: Coastal Hydrology & Fluvial Geomorphology

Kirk, Kendall R.*: Fabrication, Power & Machinery

Jason Johns

Maja, Joe M.: Instrumentation & Control and Precision Agriculture

Jeremy Pike: Associate Scientist

Emeritus Faculty

Hammig, Mike, Ag Economics

Han, Young J., Instrumentation and Control, Precision Agriculture

Harris, Harold, Ag Economics

Hayes, John 

Khalilian, Ahmad, Precision Agriculture

Smathers, Webb, Agriculture and Wildlife Economics