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Welcome to the Clemson Equine Extension website. The purpose of this website is to provide research-based information to South Carolina’s many horse owners. South Carolina’s horse industry is continuing to experience unmatched growth as horse owners from all over the country discover the beauty and quality of living in our state. From the polo fields and steeplechase in Aiken, to the many thoroughbreds in training in Camden, to include many horse enthusiasts in the upstate and Clemson’s very own Garrison Arena which hosts many horse activities on any given weekend. South Carolina’s citizens are experiencing an improved quality of life that horse ownership provides.  

The last equine census in 2003 estimated that there were 84,300 horses within the state of South Carolina.  Nationally, the American Horse Council in 2005 estimated there were over 9.2 million horses in the United States.  The economic impact of the horse industry within South Carolina is over $1 billion dollars annually, whereas the American Horse Council places the national impact of the horse industry over $100 billion annually. We continue to see growth within the horse industry as more Americans discover the benefits of horse ownership.

Clemson extension is dedicated to providing horse owners with the latest research-based information through adult educational programs and 4-H youth activities. In addition, three faculty members within the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences are dedicated to education, research and service activities to the state of South Carolina and our many students. The Clemson University Horse Center supports these activities with over 90 head of horses on over 60 acres near Garrison Arena.

Please come back and visit this website as it will continually be updated and contact us either via email.

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