Facilities in which AVS faculty, staff, and students work, learn, and serve, are found in several locations. Most prominent is the Poole Agriculture Center, often referred to fondly as the “P & A” (for Plant and Animal Sciences), in which AVS occupies approximately one-half of the main floor. Faculty and staff offices line the outer walls of two sides of the square building, with grad student offices, undergrad study room, conference rooms, and research laboratories occupying the interior blocks. The building is somewhat historic in nature, having been built prior to the 1954 admission of women students to Clemson University. 

There are nine research laboratories in Poole Agricultural Center. Three are core labs, fully supported by Public Service and Agriculture and mandated to serve as multi-user labs; these are the Histology, Molecular Biology, and Analytical Labs. A fourth, the Endocrine Lab, functions as a core facility as well, serving users across campus and from outside Clemson. Other labs are supported by grant funds and research gifts; these are the biochemical, molecular reproductive physiology (2), nutrition, and muscle biology labs.

In adjacent Newman Hall, built even earlier than Poole, is the meats laboratory, where students learn about processing and value-added further processing of beef, pork, lamb, and poultry meat products.

The animal farms, although not directly under supervision of the department, are an important element of our teaching, research, and Extension missions.  Prior to 1990, the five farms – Equine Center, Starkey Swine Center, Morgan Poultry Center, LaMaster Dairy, and Simpson Station (beef cattle) – were housed administratively within the AVS Department; since that time they are administered by Research Farm Services, with AVS as the primary user.  Students gain extensive hands-on experience during techniques and advanced classes; undergrads and graduate students conduct research with animals; and Extension activities such as Field Days, alumni events, or S.C. Cattlemen’s tours are focused on best-practice management models at the farms.  South Carolina is heavily invested in agriculture and our students benefit from access to these farms in ways that our neighboring states cannot replicate.  The department also owns the Brick Barn (currently home to a flock of Southdown sheep) and a rodeo arena adjacent to the Woodburn Plantation near campus.

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