Gustavo J. Lascano

Assistant Professor of Ruminant Nutrition

Gustavo J LascanoEmail:
Office: (864) 656-1745

Animal and Veterinary Sciences

122 Poole and Agricultural Center

Ph.D. Ruminant Nutrition, Pennsylvania State University 2011
M.S. Animal Science, Pennsylvania State University 2007
B.S. Animal Science and Agricultural Production, Zamorano University 2004

Research interest:
Nutrient utilization to improve feed efficiency, reduce metabolic costs of energy and protein, maximize microbial protein synthesis and milk production is the broad spectrum of my research program. The following areas are being studied to accomplish this objective: Understanding the relationships between forage to concentrate ratios, dietary components and mammary gland development and function when nutrients are provided precisely to meet the requirements dairy ruminant animals. Enabling nutrient utilization in ruminants by developing technology to increase their potential use. The use of by-products to replace conventional ingredients based on the production system and geographical location. Using in-vitro and in-vivo methods to identify fybrolytic enzymes, microbial modifiers, optimal carrier methods that enhance nutritional contributions to the animal. Different chemical and molecular approaches for improving our basic knowledge of ruminant digestion are tools are currently being used to undertake this intriguing and exiting area of research. The use livestock production to reduce poverty, effects on climate change, and the implementation of efficient techniques to support sustainable (productive not subsistent) milk production for small farmers around the world.

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Professional society activity:
American Society of Animal Science
American Dairy Science Association
American Society for Nutrition
Comparative Nutrition Society

AVS 3750 Applied Animal Nutrition