Jim Strickland

Department Chair

Jim StricklandEmail: jrstric@clemson.edu
Office: (864) 656-3138
Cell: (502) 517-2726

Animal and Veterinary Sciences

130 Poole Agricultural Center

Ph.D. Clemson University, Nutrition, 1992
M.S. Clemson University, Nutrition, 1990
B.S. Southwest Missouri State University, Animal Science, 1987

I see my responsibility, as Department Chair and Professor, as being a servant leader tasked with facilitating the success of the students, faculty and staff of the Department. I am directly tasked with providing leadership to maintain and advance strong research and teaching programs; recruitment, retention, evaluation and mentoring (when needed) of faculty and staff; and fostering strong working relations with our stakeholders in animal production and allied industries. I am also assigned the duty of managing the Department’s fiscal affairs including developing revenue generating programs. I also have the responsibility to teach and do some research (these latter are in the planning stages – updates to follow).

Research interest:
My research interests revolve around the effects of plant and fungal secondary metabolites on animal health and productivity as well as the metabolism of those metabolites by metabolic systems within exposed animals. I currently have a special interest in the distribution and metabolism of ergot alkaloids in ungulates, especially as those functions relate to "Fescue Toxicosis" [a toxicity syndrome in animals consuming toxic (ergot alkaloid containing) endophyte (Neotyphodium coenophialum) infected tall fescue (Lolium arundinaceum), the most common cool season forage grass in the transition zone of the Eastern half of the U.S.].

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Professional society activity:
American Society of Animal Science
American Chemical Society

AVS 4000 – Animal and Veterinary Sciences Professional Development (to be taught)

Offices Held Chair/Vice-Chair, ASAS/ADSA Pastures and Forages Committee (2012/2011) Associate Editor, Journal of Animal Science, (2005-2011) Vice-Chair – ASAS/ADSA Animal Health Committee (2007-2008) Chair – SERA-IEG 8 Tall Fescue Toxicosis/Endophyte Workshop (2006-2007) Secretary – SERA-IEG 8 Tall Fescue Toxicosis/Endophyte Workshop (2005-2006) Section Editor - Pharmacology & Toxicology Section - Journal of Animal Science (2001-2003) State of NM Representative – Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education – Veterinary Advisory Panel. (2001-2004) Graduate Student Competition Committee, Western Section of the American Society of Animal Science. (2000-2002, Chair – 2001) Editorial Board - Pharmacology & Toxicology Section - Journal of Animal Science (1996-1999)