Nancy Korn

Research Specialist II-Histology Core Technician

Office: PHONE: 864-656-4020 FAX: 864-656-3131

Animal and Veterinary Sciences

B.S. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Zoology-1969
Graduate level job related courses taken with special student status at The University of Wisconsin-Wisconsin, Medical College of Wisconsin, and The University of Michigan

Provide histological support services to researchers in the AVS department and other departments at Clemson University and to researchers outside of Clemson University

Research interest:
Histology, immunohistochemistry, microscopy, photomicroscopy, laser capture microdissection, bovine mammary stem cell and mammary gland physiology

Calcatera, S., N. Korn, S. Ellis, and S.L. Pratt, 2011. Immunohistochemical detection of Argonaute 2 in bovine and porcine tissues. J. Histotechnol. 34:74-78.

Korn, N. and S.E. Ellis, 2009. Immunohistochemical detection of Ki67 in glycol methacrylate sections using unfixed tissues and alkaline antigen retrieval techniques. J. Histotechnol. 32:60-63

Ballagh, K., N. Korn, L. Riggs, S.L. Pratt, F. Dessuage, R.M. Akers, and S. Ellis, 2008. Hot Topic: Prepubertal ovariectomy alters the development of myoepithelial cells in the bovine mammary gland. J. Dairy Sci. 91:2992-2995.

Korn, N., T.R. Scott, B.P. Pooser, and R.J. Thurston, 2002. Production and characterization of a turkey sperm mitochondrial monoclonal antibody and its usefulness for assessment of sperm integrity. Poultry Sci. 81:1077-1085.

Korn, N., R.J. Thurston, B.P. Pooser, and T.R. Scott, 2000. Ultrastructure of spermatozoa from Japanese quail. Poultry Sci. 79:86-93 and 407-414, 2000.

Korn, N., D.A. Barnes, C.A. Williams, and R.J. Thurston, 1998. Characterization of turkey spermiophages with regard to traits common to macrophages. Poultry Sci. 77:1036-1044.

Thurston, R.J., N. Korn, D.P. Froman, and A.B. Bodine, 1993. Proteolytic enzymes in seminal plasma of domestic turkey (Meleagris gallopavo). Biol Reprod 48:393-402.

Honors and awards:
Outstanding Classified Employee Award, 2005, CAFLS
Outstanding Technical Employee Award, 1993, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Joined Clemson University in 1987. From 1987 to 2003 worked in the Poultry Physiology Laboratory of Dr. Ronald J. Thurston. In 2003 moved to the Physiology Laboratory of Dr. Steven Ellis.