Women in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

A unique Living and Learning Community designed especially for freshman women majoring in Animal and Veterinary Sciences

What is WAVS?

Women in WAVS are offered unique experiences within their major not available to other students such as:

  • Study groups
  • Joint classes and labs
  • Big Sister mentors
  • Beginning of the year field trip to University farms
  • "Get to know each other" cookout
  • Etiquette dinner
  • Professional dress seminar/dinner
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Meeting other women with similar interests and hobbies
  • Shared experiences

Clemson University ranked as having some of the nation's best Living Learning Communities... read entire article. In 2007-2008, WAVS had the highest retention rate of any group on campus!

Where is WAVS?

The WAVS Living and Learning Community is housed on the second and third floors of Young Hall. Our Residential Advisors and Peer Advisor are also majors in Animal and Veterinary Sciences and are former WAVS.

Who is eligible to join WAVS?

Freshman women in all options within the Animal and Veterinary Sciences major are eligible for the WAVS program.

  • Preveterinary & Science
  • Equine Business
  • Animal Agribusiness

There is no GPR or state residency requirement. Assignments are made on a first come, first serve basis. A $175 activity fee is required.

A note to parents about activity fees: WAVS is entirely self-funded, and we do not receive monies from the University for the community. The $175 activity fee collected from each student funds the programs, dinners, and speakers for the year.

Why should you belong to WAVS ? 

The freshman year is a time of great adjustments from high school to college life. WAVS can help you successfully make that transition. You will live and study with other women who are in your major. They will share the same coursework, test schedules, study groups, and club activities. It is an opportunity to make life-long friendships with other women who share your interests, dreams, and ambitions.  

Advisors: Jason Allen, Dr. Heather Dunn and Chelsea Sinclair