AVS students in CALFS awardsSouth Carolina residents who are in the Animal and Veterinary Sciences major qualify for the Enhanced Palmetto Fellowships and LIFE Scholarships beginning the sophomore year.  For more information contact SC Commission on Higher Education. 

The following is a partial list of scholarships awarded to Animal and Veterinary Sciences students. In most cases, the basis for selection is scholarship, leadership, outside activities and some consideration for need. Annual reapplication is necessary through the Financial Aid Office for renewal of a previously awarded scholarship.  AVS scholarships are awarded to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Animal and Veterinary Sciences Faculty Scholarship - $500

This scholarship is awarded to an upperclassman majoring in AVS with a minimum GPR of 3.0.

Lewis F. Cato Block & Bridle Club Annual Memorial Scholarship - Two @ $100 each
These scholarships are awarded by the Block & Bridle Club to upperclassmen who are SC residents and are active in the Club.

J. H. Griffin Memorial Scholarship
- $100
This scholarship is awarded to a rising senior majoring in AVS who has demonstrated scholarship, leadership and character and who is a SC resident.

Draytford and Edna Richardson Scholarship
- $1,000
This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding junior majoring in AVS. The scholarship is based on academic performance in all subjects, leadership and character.

T. B. Westmoreland Scholarship Endowment
- $500
A scholarship awarded to a student in AVS.

Joe Bowen Memorial Scholarship
- $500
Awarded through the AVS Dept.

J. P. Kirkpatrick Endowed Memorial Scholarship
- $1,050
A scholarship awarded to a sophomore, junior or senior active in the AVS Block and Bridle Club.

Robert F. Vaughan, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
- $1,000
A renewable scholarship for an AVS student from Kershaw, Lancaster, Laurens, Newberry, Union or York County with an emphasis in beef production.

Carolina Brahman Breeders Assoc. Award - $250
Awarded to an AVS student.