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A Letter from our Chair:

"Our department is the center of life science research and education at Clemson University. Our faculty and students are engaged in cutting-edge field and laboratory research that seeks answers to a number of fundamental questions in modern biology including: How is animal and plant diversity generated and maintained? How is our environment changing and how do animals and plants adapt to such changes? How do organisms develop and function? How do organisms contract and combat disease? We pursue these questions at multiple levels ranging from single cells to complex ecosystems, and employ a broad set of experimental approaches and systems including computational biology, bioinformatics, molecular biology, genomics, cell and developmental biology, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, toxicology, and nanotechnology. Our broad interests and methods of study create a rich environment for collaborative research and the opportunity to solve biology’s most challenging and interesting questions.

Our faculty and staff are committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. We offer high quality one-on-one advising that begins before the first day of classes and continues through graduation and beyond. All of our faculty are engaged in our teaching and advising activities  and are dedicated to providing students the fundamental knowledge and critical thinking skills they need for life-long success. We support a large array of degree programs and emphasis areas that prepare students for careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, pre-rehabilitation sciences, nursing, conservation, ecology, toxicology, microbiology, molecular biology, and computational biology. Many of our undergraduates are accepted into top-ranked graduate and professional programs, all across the nation.

I invite you to explore our webpages, where you will get to meet our faculty and staff and learn about their research, teaching, outreach, and administrative activities. You will also find in-depth information about our degree programs, clubs and organization, and facilities, including our new state-of-the-art 100,000 sq. ft. research building. Finally, I invite you to come visit our department and campus and see first-hand the exceptional educational and research experience we provide."

Bob Cohen

Professor and Chair, Department of Biological Sciences